We believe in local education with networks of community schools working together in collaboration for the benefit of all.

We also believe it easy for schools to become bogged down with data and not use it effectively.  Data does not prove anything. We believe in using data to prompt questions for staff to reflect upon and use their professional judgement to find the answers. Schools need to have evidence for what is happening in order to aid self-evaluation and feed into action plans. We need to ensure that Action Plans are embedded in real evidence about the key issues within a school.

Many schools spend too much time on what we call "Post Mortum" data.  So looking through hundreds of tables and charts from Raise Online based mainly on pupils who have already left the school.  We need to move away from that model and spend more time on the current "live" data while we can still do something about it. There is no point looking at data if it is not turned into action.

Schools need a picture of the current situation in terms of attainment and progress across a school. You need to look at the performance by cohorts, subjects and pupil groups. You should also link attainment and progress to your provision map in order to obtain evidence as to the impact of key interventions or enrichment activities. You need to be a bit cautious too when using data, for example, when looking at the achievement of pupil groups you will find the variation within groups is nearly always greater than that between groups. The final reflection will always come down to the individual pupils.

Our message is about making data simple to engage all staff. We have learnt that if systems are not simple people won't work with them. Data is not something just for members of the Leadership Team but should be cascaded down throughout the school building accountability and responsibility across all staff. So as well as having key evidence for Leadership Teams we want the engagement of all staff feeding into self-evaluation.