Schools need evidence on the standards being achieved at any time. So a "live" picture of attainment and progress as pupils move through the school. As well as this key management information class teachers want a simple way to highlight progress for individual pupils in order to ensure that provision is matched to need.

We don't believe in fancy sophisticated software systems that you have little control over. We believe in schools tracking themselves using standard office systems such as Excel. Our Pupil Trackers are, therefore, set up to recognise exactly what individual schools want.

The Pupil Tracker has proved incredibly popular as schools have complete control themselves and it is simple to get any evidence that is needed. You can easily sort the pupils in order of attainment or in order of progress. You can filter out any pupil groups, e.g. pupil premium or intervention groups and you will be given all the scores for whichever group you have selected.

We have been excited to develop lots of new systems moving on from NC sub-levels.  We have a wide range of solutions with all sorts of terminology but all simply and effectively helping schools track progress and have an instant overview of standards through the school.  We are happy to be able to offer a bespoke solution to schools.